Diet Raw/Kibble


We promote a natural raw diet for our Dobermans. We are always trying to learn more about raw diet and are always willing to talk about the subject. Not all dogs & cats do well on a processed kibble diet. Kibble as only been around for close to the last 100 yrs and that is not enough time for the guts of dogs and cats to fully evolve. Most are lucky because a lot of dogs and cats are resilient. However, prior to processed diets our dogs and cats ate meat. What they could catch, or scavenge or what they were given. There is a wonderful video in the link below that a Veterinarian discussing raw diet. Enjoy :)

Click link below and follow to raw diet info.  from Dr. Karen Becker DVM

However if you Doberman has some of the symptoms below you might want to consider it could be their processed kibble diet.               

Millions of dogs and cats eat kibble, and millions of dogs and cats  fill the waiting rooms of veterinarians, bad breath and all. These pets suffer from dermatitis's of all sorts, or from cancers, joint problems, heart problems, kidney problems, digestive problems, ("lack of enzymes"), chronic diarrhea, liver problems, pancreas problems, coat problems, tooth problems, anal gland problems, glandular disorders, allergies, and soft doughy bodies brought on by eating an artificial processed diet. And that is not even a complete list of the possible symptoms.

You are welcome to feed your A'Carrig Doberman kibble. After all it is your dog but if you do we are not to be held responsible for the health related symptoms of a kibble fed dog.

Most veterinarians do not know any better; most vets receive on average only 8 hours or less education on pet nutrition (in their 3-4 years of study). Much of their nutritional education is sponsored or even administered by pet food companies. 

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